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Do you have something different to share at SDinGov 2023?

Are you from a group that is under-represented in user experience and service design, and at conferences in general?

Are you already thinking about coming to this year’s Service Design in Government (SDinGOV) conference? It’s in Edinburgh, 20-22 September 2023.

Then how about joining me in the ‘lightning talks’ session?

Pink sticky note, handwritten text reads ” So inspired by lightning talks, heart”

Lightning talks are a chance for the conference to hear new and different views

Our first Lightning talks at SDinGov took place last year with four guest speakers challenging and engaging the audience. Read about it: Lightning talks at Service Design in Government 2022.

The session got great feedback and I’m delighted to say that we’ve been offered a slot again – and by ‘we’, I mean you!

You might be someone who:

  • has a new perspective on service design topics,
  • has something to say that you wish other people knew,
  • rarely or never gets an opportunities to speak to this audience.

Your talk might be about:

  • How you got into your current role
  • Ways in which your background has given you a different perspective on your work
  • Something you know about that other people doing service design ought to know
  • A challenge that you want to throw at the other conference attendees
  • Or something else.

If you feel you want some help getting your ideas into talk-shape then I’m happy to work with you. Or, if you’d prefer to work with someone who isn’t a white woman, then I’ll find someone else to support you.

Interested in speaking or know someone who might be? Contact me by the end of July

If doing a lightning talk appeals to you,  you have any questions I can help with, or you’d like to talk through your ideas with me, then please email me at caroline.jarrett@effortmark.co.uk, or call me on +44(0) 1525 370379.

I’m hoping to get the session speakers chosen and confirmed in August so that we all have time to get our talks prepared well ahead of the actual event, so please get in touch as soon as possible. I’ll be closing applications on 31st July 2023.

Please feel free to share this invitation among your own colleagues and networks.

Opportunity tickets are available if you haven’t got a ticket to the conference

This session is only open to people who have a ticket to SDinGOV.

If you already have a ticket, can purchase one yourself, or can persuade someone else to get one for you, that’s great.

If not, you can apply to the conference for an ‘opportunity ticket’ – available for people who would benefit from being at the conference but who aren’t able to get anyone to pay for their ticket.

Sponsor an opportunity ticket

If you like the idea of increasing diversity by helping people to attend the conference who cannot afford a ticket, then please consider sponsoring one at the 2023 conference. For sponsor opportunities, please email Allison at Software Acumen.