About Software Acumen

Celebrating 20 years of great events.

Our vision was to create spaces where like-minded technology professionals could gather. 20 years later, we could only have dreamed of where we are now.

Over the years, we have built communities that inspire each other to grow. We have showcased industry-leading experts. We have even thrown a few parties…

But one thing remains, and will always be our top priority; Creating an informative and engaging learning experience.

We hold events across the UK and welcome anybody with a desire to grow.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to focus on providing a great event experience.

We want our participants to enjoy an event experience that is second to none. We know this is achieved through practitioner-focused events with active participation as a key ingredient.

While quality and value for money are priorities, it’s important to us that everyone involved with a Software Acumen event feels they have the opportunity to achieve their goals.

We are an international community of needs; providing a safe and supportive environment where everyone can contribute, share their perspective and offer their ideas.

Our conference sessions will inspire you, stretch your thinking and give you new skills.

Our experts

A small team of specialist software events organisers, Software Acumen have been based in  Cambridge and remotely across the country since 2004. Our combined passion and experience have allowed us to become one of the UK’s leading specialist software events organisers.

We pride ourselves on being user-focused, designing and then refining all our events to ensure our participants get real value for money. Feedback is important to us, and we love hearing about our participant’s experiences.

Meet the team

Moving forward

As technology and working methods change, so do we.

In a landscape that is forever changing, we continue to keep our events relevant. Our plan is to continue expanding while staying true to our philosophy. 

Have an idea for an event? Let us know!

Our team

Our combined passion and experience have allowed us to become one of the UK's leading specialist software events organisers.