Announcing creativeConf Cambridge

Software Acumen and CamCreatives join forces to launch a practical conference for thinkers and doers in public and private sector organisations

creativeConf Cambridge 2015 will provide participants with the tools needed to develop creative skills in an entertaining and inspirational way

Software Acumen, a company that specialises in running practical conferences for software practitioners, and CamCreatives, a centralized voice for creative people in Cambridgeshire, have joined forces to launch a practical conference to promote the concept of creativity in the workplace and at home.

Called creativeConf Cambridge 2015, this hands-on event is taking place at Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT on the 24th October. Early bird tickets are available from the creativeConf Cambridge website

creativeConf Cambridge will examine what the term “creativity” means and will help participants discover their own creative skills and ideas by participating in a variety of practical and interactive sessions.

Sessions will be led by a variety of creative thinkers including Dr Stephanie Taylor, a Social psychologist from the Open University and co-author of a book titled Contemporary Identities of Creativity and Creative Work (Ashgate, 2012), Simon Jack from Creative Encounters training company and Vaiva Kalnikaite from Dovetailed, a UX studio and innovation lab that has developed a 3D printer that can make edible fruit.

creativeConf Cambridge is not only for those who are actively involved in creativity on a daily basis, it is particularly intended for individuals who do not consider themselves to be naturally creative. At the event participants will find out how creativity can be used to encourage team building, overcome communications barriers and solve problems in a fun and entertaining way.

Participants will also learn how to apply creative principles to their own personal circumstances and will leave the event feeling entertained and inspired.

“We are all subconsciously creative,” says Mark Dalgarno, Owner of Software Acumen. “Writing, coding, cooking – all requires creativity. We wanted to host an event that covers all the creative disciplines and give individuals an opportunity to discover and develop creative ideas that can be put to use in a practical way.”

creativeConf Cambridge 2015 is being sponsored by Creative Front, an initiative led by Anglia Ruskin University to stimulate, incubate and grow further the creative industries in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

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