creativeConf Cambridge 2015

24 October 2015

Anglia Ruskin University

Come to the conference and be part of the action!

Despite what we’re taught, you don’t need to paint a picture to be creative. You might be running a business, coding a web app, writing advertising copy, or pondering black holes - they all require creativity.



Dinis Guarda

Founder and CEO of Ztudium group


Maria Lusitano Santos

Editor of IntelligentHQ


Dr Stephanie Taylor

Social psychologist at the Open University


Nick Corston



A brand new event for creative thinkers and doers.

You’re more creative than you think.

This event will examine what creativity is, help you discover and develop yours, and give you new ideas and skills to grow your professional and personal experience.

A full day of learning, discussion and networking with thinkers and doers from across industries, you will leave CreativeConf 2015 entertained and inspired!