Our friendly and helpful team

Our combined passion and experience have allowed us to become one of the UK's leading specialist software events organisers.

Allison Beaumont

Business Manager, Event & Programme Production

Allison joined Software Acumen as an Event Producer, at the start of 2016. Since then she has taken on the role of Programme Manager, and more recently Business Manager. Her priority is creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone participating at our events - including speakers, participants, sponsors, volunteers, suppliers and the team.

Louise Vaughan

Event Producer

Louise joined Software Acumen in 2022. She oversees the logistical aspects of our events. Providing a vital link between our speakers, sponsors, participants and venue. Every event poses its own challenges, but Louise lets nothing get in the way. Her priority is ensuring everyone involved has everything they need to succeed.

Dean Brown

Event Coordinator

Dean joined Software Acumen in 2023.

Mark Dalgarno

Event Organiser

"Creative and inclusive workshops, intriguing talks and more than anything lovely people."

Apostolis Apostolidis Agile Manchester

Founded with a passion for efficiency at work

Over the years, we have built communities that inspire each other to grow. We have showcased industry-leading experts, and provided a safe space for new, developing and established speakers.